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exo greeting party in japan

ya! you idiot

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suho reenacting his unseen photo (+jongin is so done with him)

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yixing with black hair (140325)

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tired baby hun leans on galaxy hyung’s shoulder to rest

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26/ gifs of chen ships 
  → baekchen: chen won the battle against lay and received a doraemon stuffed toy as a prize. he gave it to baekhyun as a thank you gift for choosing him as his ideal type earlier. chanyeol then chanted “bobohae! bobohae!” to make them kiss. chaos reensues

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OT12 | Greeting Party in  Japan “Hello!”

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jackson is definitely mark’s style

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(screencap) exo’s first box dvd (6): luhan, xiumin and kris (‘90 line) rejoice on being in the same team | source

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luhan’s habit of touching people when laughing

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tao and sehun’s official site updates in 2014

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When Baek jokes that Soo looks old in the photograph - Tom & Jerry bros

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